The Actros

Staying ahead of the game requires vehicles that do the same.

Introducing the new Actros, the new benchmark for long distance transport.

This addition to the Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicle range puts everything that has gone before it in the shade. Its modern cab offers the driver maximum comfort whilst delivering exceptional fuel economy. The new Actros is now easier and safer to drive, and more outstandingly capable than any other big truck that’s gone before.

The model range offers a vehicle configuration for just about any application in long distance transport, and now provides an even more tailored solution, with the addition of more cab variants, a wider choice of driveline and a multitude of new productivity, comfort and safety features to make your vehicle even more cost effective to run.


CompactSpace Cabs

Available with engine tunnels of both 320mm and 170mm the CompactSpace cabs are characterised by their low roof and minimal overall height, offering maximum flexibility for many mission-specific operations, especially in the field of vehicle transport. Along with this, they offer easy access, high levels of interior comfort and excellent visibility.

ClassicSpace Cabs

Available with engine tunnels of 320mm and 170mm or a completely flat floor, the ClassicSpace cabs are characterised by easy access, compact exterior dimensions and excellent visibility. The standard roof height allows for easy fitment of above cab equipment, whilst providing an excellent working and living space for regional and national long distance work.

Offering the same advantages as the ClassicSpace cabs with an engine tunnel, and unique to new Actros, the flat floor version offers easier cross-cab access, and the higher mounted cabin gives even better visibility on the open road.

StreamSpace Cabs

Designed with economy in mind, the StreamSpace cabs make the most of their aerodynamic shape. Available in two widths - 2500mm wide with a flat floor, or 2300mm wide with 320mm or 170mm engine tunnel and also available with a flat floor, never seen before in a 2300mm wide package.

The cab offers a large amount of space - both for living and storage, laid out in a way that is intelligent in design and very usable. The cab offers increased comfort and offering the option of two beds if required along with a wide range of options to make the cab feel like home, ideal for national and international long distance transport.

BigSpace Cabs

The 2500mm wide BigSpace cab offers almost 2 metres of headroom and exceptional living and storage space. Providing a comfortable environment for long periods away from home on international long distance transport applications, the BigSpace cab offers a home from home. A wide range of options are available to aid productivity and safety, and to make the cab feel like home.

GigaSpace Cabs

The 2500mm wide GigaSpace cab offers an outstanding 2.13m of headroom, and the best storage space of any truck - both in terms of intelligent use of space, and internal volume. The cab offers 920 litres more internal space than the previous Actros MegaSpace cab.

Providing the ultimate in driver comfort for international long distance transport tasks, the GigaSpace cab really does offer the driver a three room apartment - space to work, space to live, and space to sleep. A wide range of options are available to aid productivity and safety, and to make the cab feel like home, whether for one driver or two.


BlueEfficiency Power. Save fuel.

Help to reduce impact on the environment

The new Actros brings to the road many innovative solutions which cut consumption and CO2 emissions considerably - the basis being BlueEfficiency Power from Mercedes-Benz Trucks. The brand stands for technologies such as BlueTec®, which reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, for consumption-optimised measures on the new Actros itself and for services which help to lower diesel consumption further still. In short: save fuel. Help to reduce impact on the environment.


    The new dimension of economy

    We called everything into question when developing the new Actros, the result being achievements such as a significant reduction in fuel consumption, thanks to BlueEfficiency Power. Another consequence can be seen in the particularly low overall costs through closely meshed services which have been specially tailored to the new Actros, such as the Mercedes-Benz telematics system FleetBoard®, which is fitted as part of the standard specification. All these measures have a common objective: to increase your profitability.


    The New Actros is available with a choice of four engine displacements and 16 power ratings from 175kW (238hp) to 46 kW (625hp), each designed for maximum fuel efficiency, maximum torque and driveability, low noise & emissions and a long life with unsurpassed reliability. All ratings are offered complying with the most stringent Euro VI emissions standard, helping you to future-proof your business.

    All are designed for economy, and the New Actros delivers outstanding fuel savings of up to 4% at Euro VI (compared to the already frugal predecessors). Just one of the impressive credentials, and on the OM 47x 10.7, 12.8 and 15.6 litre engines this impressive figure can be attributed in part to the X-Pulse common-rail high-pressure injection system which injects fuel into the cylinders at up to 2,100 bar.